• Technologies for an healthy living, ever


    Starting from 1996 with our support to Italian humanitarian missions, our efforts are always toward a safe and accurate Health Care, seamlessly connecting Institutions to doctors and patients. Today, we are on the leading edge of a innovative and advanced sector made of medicine, technology and telecommunications. Assuring cares continuity and constant health monitoring give us the power to always answer patients’ needs, everywhere.

  • Serving doctors and their patients


    We have strong partnerships with Italian Military Health to provide homeland and deployed armed forces with Telemedicine services, and with Saipem (ENI Group) for Telemedicine workstations worldwide. More than 25% of MEDEVACs were avoided in Opera and San Vittore Italian penal institution thanks to Telbios' Telemedicine services. We are also the prime service provider for GPs associations working for "CReG" (Chronic Related Groups) pilot Project in 4 Regione Lombardia Local Health Authorities.

  • Ready to fulfil Health Providers’ demands


    Innovation is not only about a technological approach but more and more about organizational business models. We continue to be curious, courageous, and capable making sure that every interaction with the patient is productive, and reflects his or her needs and preferences.